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Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream 295ml

Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream 295ml


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Smooth your skin with our Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream. This advanced formula is crafted to nourish and moisturize your skin, leaving it feeling silky smooth and revitalized. Perfect for all skin types, this cream is your daily escape to a hydrating paradise, ensuring your skin feels pampered and cared for.

How to use

For optimal results, apply generously to clean skin after bathing or showering. Massage in with gentle circular motions until fully absorbed. Focus on dry or rough areas to unlock soft, supple skin. Use daily or as needed for a hydration boost.

How it works

Our Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream is enriched with a blend of natural extracts and oils that penetrate deeply to hydrate and soothe the skin. Its formula helps to lock in moisture, restoring your skin's natural barrier and preventing dehydration. With each use, it revives the skin, enhancing its elasticity and texture.

Suitable for...

This hydrating cream is suitable for all skin types.

Product Benefits:

  • Deep Hydration: Moisturizes and nourishes skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.
  • Soothing Formula: Calms and soothes dry, irritated skin, enhancing comfort.
  • Skin Elasticity: Improves skin elasticity, promoting a firmer, more youthful appearance.
  • Fast-Absorbing: Non-greasy formula absorbs quickly, providing instant hydration.


Crafted with a potent blend of Hyaluronic Acid for deep hydration, Green Tea Extract for its antioxidant properties, and Lavender Oil to soothe and calm. Free from parabens and artificial fragrances, our formula is kind to your skin and the environment.

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