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Dermalogica Cooling Aqua Jelly

Dermalogica Cooling Aqua Jelly


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Let me introduce you to the Dermalogica Cooling Aqua Jelly, your one-stop skincare getaway for a moisturizing and rejuvenating experience. This innovative jelly is made to energize your skin with an instant cooling hydration, making it an essential component of your skincare routine. This carefully made jelly gives off an icy sensation that calms your skin and gives you a fresh feeling.


Enjoy the Dermalogica Cooling Aqua Jelly's many benefits. All skin types can use it because of its lightweight, water-based formula, which guarantees deep hydration without leaving behind any greasy residue. It is perfect for calming irritated or sun-exposed skin due to the immediate relief it offers from the cooling sensation it produces.
This jelly helps to seal in moisture, leaving your skin plump, silky, and radiant. It is enriched with substances that help to maintain moisture. This jelly can be used as a daily moisturizer or as a quick pick-me-up to give your skin a revitalized and renewed appearance.

How to use

Start by washing and patting your face dry.

Simply apply a small bit of the jelly to your face and neck after that. It can be applied in the morning or at night or whenever your skin needs a quick hydration boost.

Use slow upward strokes to massage the jelly into your skin, allowing it to absorb.

How it works

The innovative formula of the Dermalogica Cooling Aqua Jelly is its secret. Intense hydration is delivered by its water-based formulation, which is skillfully formulated to prevent pore blockage.
The jelly creates a calming barrier that seals in moisture and helps protect your skin from environmental irritants after being applied.

Suitable for...

Oiliness, Breakouts, Dry & Dehydrated Skin

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